UCF To Have All Funding Cut

University College Falmouth may have ‘all of its Government funding axed’ according to Labour’s analysis of the Government’s spending review figures.

If Labour’s interpretation is correct, UCF would see the plug pulled on all Government funding, due to being an institution that only offers courses related to arts.

What do we say?


As reported on This Is Cornwall:

UCF, renowned for its arts and media courses that generate an estimated Β£20 million for the town with its 3,500 students, would be one of 18 colleges across the country to suffer. Jude Robinson Cornwall Labour Party chairman, said: “I think it’s going to be catastrophic. UCF is an integral part of Falmouth and has been for decades – it’s really an important part of the fabric of the town. Losing it will send the local economy spiralling downwards.

“All of the arts, including fine art and sculpture, are very much a part of Cornwall’s heritage. It will be a major loss for the town and not just culturally.”

No matter what university you attend, the threat of losing your own will always be a disappointment. But I think I can say for most that the loss of UCF would be a huge one.

Students from all over the UK attend UCF as one of the best, and fastly-growing, arts universities around.

It’s not only bad news for future generations who will never know of the potentially non-existent university of Falmouth, but will it also damage the degrees of those who have already graduated, or are hoping to graduate before these plans come into place?

If you’re a student at UCF, please join A Day of Action Against University Cuts and get involved. Let’s show the government how we feel about their plans.

We marched in the national Demolition protest on November 10th, and we will march again in March.


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