…and they are funnier than ever, doubling their viewings since Series 2. Simples!

The award-winning comedy of E4 returned last night to 2.2 million viewers with their third series. More embarrassing adolescent experiences and geeky banter; the quest to try and pull continues as Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison) continue life at sixth form.

In their final year at school, Will’s still finding a reason to protest and piss everyone off in the meantime, Simon ruins all chances of being ‘the cool one’, Neil acts somewhat bemused to the whole thing and Jay continues to live his imaginary life of popularity and sexual conquest.

Their first episode last night, “The Fashion Show”, managed to please fans without boring them with the same old jokes after the over-hype of promotion. Confrontations with a guy in a wheelchair, camp 80’s dancing in double denim and a screen full of Simon’s left testicle; the series hit off with an extremely funny return.

Future episodes see the group attempt camping, going to their first gig and contemplating taking cannabis to fit in with the crowd; one of them even gets a real-life girlfriend.

The quartet is also currently filming their boys-on-tour post-exam holiday in Shagamuff, I mean Magaluf, for an Inbetweeners film. Knee deep in clunge or failing to get any, it’s sure to be a barrel of laughs watching them try.