Serotonin is the fourth album from the five-piece indie band, Mystery Jets, from Eel Pie Island in Twickenham, London. The album was released on 5th July 2010 – a two-year gap without a label since their previous album, Twenty One. Finding a new label with Rough Trade, the band have obviously gone through more troubles of heartache and personal struggle, bringing the album its meaningfulness.

Blaine Harrison and William Rees provide the band with brilliant lead vocals to produce the classic indie songs that they have been providing their fans with since 2004. The album opens excellently with ‘Alice Springs‘, slowly gaining tempo into a wall of sound. Blaine’s raw vocals chant emotional lyrics of self-deprecation which runs solidly through the album.

“It’s better to have loved and lost then to have lived and never loved anyone. I’d stand in the line of fire for you. I’d bend over backwards for you. I’d do anything that you’d want me to do. ‘Cus I don’t have nothing if I don’t have you, my love. And it only hurts because it’s true.”

Too Late To Talk‘ follows with a shy electro intro, almost turning it into a ballad. ‘Flash A Hungry Smile‘ and ‘Serotonin‘ also produce this synthy melody. These poppy rhythms provide the same 80’s sound that can be recognised throughout all of their albums.

The first single off the album is ‘Dreaming of Another World‘ and is one of the few songs sung mainly by Rees. An uplifting song of stabbing drums, twinkling keyboard notes and echo effects; Mystery Jets at their finest.

The toe-tapping beat carries on through to the catchy ‘Lady Grey‘ with lyrics moving on from yearning love to a bit of late night fun: “I hope you feel the same way my love, But will you still love me in the morning?”

The album is classic Mystery Jets, ending with a brilliant five and half minutes of ooh’s and swaying arms. ‘Lorna Doone‘ pulls all the strings together, slowly building up to the finale of a respectable album with humming organ sounds.

The album has a well thought out balance of slow and fast paced song, starting and ending with songs that you will be humming along to all day. It was definitely worth the wait, delivering more than what was expected from one of my favourite bands.