(This was written as part of my work experience at Newark Advertiser.)

An exhibition of old wedding photographs of local people will be opened by the Mayor of Ollerton and Boughton at the beginning of August.

The display of over 350 photographs will be opened by Irene Miller on Monday 2nd August until Thursday 6th August. The exhibition will be held at The Dukeries Complex, Whinney Lane, as part of the Ollerton of Yesteryear committee.

“You look at these pictures and can see a story behind every one of them,” said Irene Miller. “I love old photos, there’s just something about them.”

This year’s theme for the exhibition is ‘Wedding Memories’ and will be the 7th exhibition in the annual display.

Irene Miller, who is also Chairman of the Committee, commented that there was a huge response after placing an appeal in the local newspaper for people to send in old photos of weddings in Ollerton. She said: “If you’d have come yesterday, you wouldn’t have been able to move. It takes over my house.”

The collection of pictures date back to the 1920’s, and also includes some more recent photos. “You need to involve the younger generation,” said Irene Miller. “It’s their heritage. We need to make them aware that Ollerton is here because of the Colliery.”

The committee formed seven years ago as an attempt to preserve the history of Ollerton. The new village developed solely as a result of the sinking of the Colliery in 1923.

The committee hope to bring awareness to present and future generations of this development and to preserve this important link with the past. Irene Miller said: “You can see why people live in the past, there was so much that we did then.”

The founder of the committee was Mr Henry Swan who used to show such pictures around in plastic wallets.

The Local Heritage Initiative heard about his idea and started sponsoring the Ollerton of Yesteryear committee to help him make something of it.

The committee now hold an exhibition at the Complex every year where visitors can order the photos for print.

“The committee is geared by these exhibitions,” said Irene Miller. “There’s something for everyone. It’d be a shame if it stopped.”

Looking through these old pictures often brings back memories of people Irene Miller knew or had known. She said that it is a nice organisation to be a part of and had a strong admiration towards it.

The Ollerton of Yesteryear are now in production of their second book which will be titled ‘Past and Present.’

This second edition is going to focus on moving forward and to show what Ollerton can do in the present without the support of the Colliery.

Visitors to the exhibition are asked to bring along any old photos or newspaper clippings they may have relating to the yesteryears of Ollerton. The exhibition will also hold a grand raffle and tea and biscuits will be served throughout the day.