Pre-School Bike Ride For Charity

(This was published in the Newark Advertiser on 23rd July 2010 as part of my work experience.)

Children aged from one to four participated in a bike ride to raise money for the NSPCC on Tuesday.

A group of 65 children from Fernwood Day Nursery took part in the Pedal Push around the estate last week. The nursery estimate to raise Β£500 for the charity.

The day nursery chose to raise money for the NSPCC so that they could raise awareness to the children about others less fortunate than them. Manager Miss Kelly Smith said: “We wanted to do something close to our hearts.”

The children chose their bikes and scooters and were given medals and stickers for their bike ride. Sponsor forms were handed out to raise money for the charity before the event.

The children cycled from the nursery, around the main streets in Fernwood and through the woods back to the start in a circular track. The journey was about one and a half miles and took 15 minutes for the children to cycle around.

The nursery had run risk assessments and had a pre-run with the children before the bike ride to make sure that all safety precautions were in place.

35 parents and staff on route to help the children along the way whilst the rest stood on site. The children also made signs to help them on their way around.

Other staff involved were Miss Kayleigh Freshwater, Mrs Kate Fisher, Mrs Sarah Gibson and Mrs Sam Yates.


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