(This was published in the Newark Advertiser on 23rd July 2010 as part of my work experience.)

A box of aid has been provided for anyone affected by a natural disaster by pupils at Muskham Primary School.

The school raised £111.20 for the Aquabox Gold Appeal 2010, supplying water purifying equipment and survival kits to provide clean water and relief for disaster victims.

Pupils collected 20p’s out of their spare change over the length of a month. The money raised went towards buying an Aquabox Gold, which are designed for Rotary Clubs and other community groups.

Charlotte Wishart, 11, was one of the pupils taking part in the project. It was her father, Mr Jim Wishart, who introduced the project to the school.

Mr Wishart is a member of the Rotary Club of Newark. Members of the club volunteer to improve the quality of life in worldwide communities. They have been campaigning around schools to bring awareness about the need of Aquaboxes.

The Aquabox Gold is pre-packed with two filter kits, two sets of water purification tablets, a muslin, two taps, 4 survival packs and new, specially purchased, humanitarian goods such as sleeping bags.

The boxes cost £80 each and are stocked in a warehouse until they are needed. As soon as a disaster hits, hundreds of them are sent out to effected areas.

Pupils and staff thought that this charity was a worthwhile one to work with. Pupils commented that they wanted to raise as much money as they could because they knew it would be helping someone.

Each class had their own collection. The money was collected in tubes so that the pupils could see how much money was being raised.

They enjoyed collecting the money as it became a competition between classes to see who could raise the most money. The child who raised the most money won a tube of Smarties.

Other schools in Newark have also previously raised money for the charity. For more information on purchasing an Aquabox, visit their website: www.aquabox.org