(This was published in the Newark Advertiser on 23rd July 2010 as part of my work experience.)

Residents of Coddington attended a Big Lunch community party on Sunday.

Mr Michael Bassey of Beaconsfield Drive, Coddington held a Big Lunch community party on Sunday leading him to ask, why aren’t more people getting involved?

“Everybody thought that it was a really successful night,” said Mr Bassey. “It’s a great chance to meet your neighbours. More people should do it.”

The Big Lunch nationwide project was set up to rebuild communities, giving the chance for different generations and backgrounds to hear each other out.

Mr Bassey held the only Big Lunch event in the Newark area last week. It gathered around 50 people from his neighbourhood as a successful plan to get the local community together.

This is the second year that Mr Bassey has organised the event in his area. This year, Mr Bassey joined his neighbours on a patch of community land as they worked together to cut the grass and provide a comfortable environment.

He remains optimistic about the events effects, and was determined that more people should participate in their own. “At least three-quarters of the people in the area turned up,” said Mr Bassey. “It was virtually everyone.”

Big Lunch is a nationwide event which was first held at The Eden Project in Cornwall. Their website details all of the information needed to organise your own Big Lunch event and gives useful tool kits to get you started.
Visit the website for details on how to get your local community together: www.thebiglunch.com