Work Experience – Day 1

I have been writing all day. I know I’m working in at the local newspaper but… actually, I thought it’d be a lot more stressful. But I’ve been doing a lot more than I thought I would be. I was told I would be shadowing a reporter, but seems I was the reporter. I went out on various jobs throughout the day with a photographer, interviewing people and writing up the story when I got back.

Over the day, I wrote 5 articles:

1. A write-up/proof read of an article about a woman named Hedwig. Seriously, all I was thinking about all morning was Harry Potter.

2. I visited a primary school in Flintham with a photographer, though I pretty much just stood around and wrote up the information I was given.

3. I visited a primary school in Farndon, where I interviewed a group of students who were performing We Will Rock You. I had to ring back later for more information, hadn’t quite got the grip of going to these places as the only journalist.

4. I interviewed a woman who worked at the paper who had risen money for a charity.

5. I rang up a local man about an email he had sent in about an event he was hosting and am half way through writing that up.

I’ve always had a slight ‘phobia’ of phone calls. But today I have interviewed over the phone twice. Progress after one day, that’s all I really wanted. The gain of confidence has made me quite optimistic. & The day doesn’t seem so long when I’m doing something I enjoy.


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