(Published on Rushes Online Film Magazine)


From the writers of Hot Tub Time Machine and Sex Drive, Sean Anders and John Morris have teamed up to give us another typical American boy-meets-girl teen plot that attempts to unfold a deeper meaning behind its predictable story line.

Jay Baruchel, recognisable from his smaller roles in films such as Tropic Thunder, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Knocked Up, takes the lead role as Kirk, a scrawny teen struggling to find a girlfriend, with not a lot going for him except for his job at an airport with his immature friends. That is until the gorgeous and successful Molly (Alice Eve) walks into his airport. Slow motion and wind blowing through her hair, Kirk undoubtedly catches her eye along with every other man on set. Coincidently, he finds Molly’s phone and has to keep hold of it until she returns, promising their foreseeable re-meet.

She’s Out Of My League is a mix between The Girl Next Door and 40 Year Old Virgin; a clichéd American rom-com, presented around the banter of boy-talk. The majority of the film focuses on the discussion in which boys give themselves and girls a rating in order to figure out their compatibility. Molly is a straight 10, which is why none of Kirk’s friends’ or family can understand why she is with him, creating an unappealing self-consciousness which starts to dominate Kirk’s personality.

Eve’s role as Molly doesn’t bring anything special to the film; there’s a lack of emotion due to her monotone voice that tends to make her character unbelievable. But then, her role is only really to portray ‘the pretty girl’, so at least she does that well.

Other characters in the film supply us with the conventional circle of friends: Stainer (TJ Miller) provides the inappropriate jokes which can actually be quite funny at times, Jack (Mike Vogel), the attractive one with all the experience, revealing the inevitable ball shaving scene, and Devon (Nate Torrence), the chubby, somehow even geekier, character who constantly refers everything back to a Disney film.

Overall, it is a well-written film that does actually make you a laugh from time-to-time. The film is admittedly an interesting take on the typical American rom-com with a set of young actors that we haven’t seen in leading roles before, but it’s undeniably something we’ve seen so many times before.