Dartington – Magazine Road Trip

A 12-hour day, an 85-mile journey. We woke up for the 8.20 train to Truro, to catch a 2-hour train to Totnes, only for another one and a half mile walk to actually get to Dartington. But it was a brilliant day nonetheless, and much worth the many miles we walked.

We visited Dartington as part of a feature for our magazine “Dais.” Without going into too much detail, the 500 students of Dartington campus are, this year, being moved to Falmouth. We wanted to capture what was being lost from the extraordinary campus situated in such a beautiful environment. So we headed 85 miles East to get a feel for the atmosphere and talk to students about their feelings towards the move.

Dartington was such a beautiful place to visit. We walked for hours up and down hills, around swirvy roads, through open fields and around stunning gardens. It was an amazing place to visit. Sam kept exclaiming, “This is like Harry Potter!” as a steam train could be seen travelling through the vallies and its “Choo choo” heard constantly throughout the day. There really was something unique about the campus. It felt like such a tight-packed community and it was easy to understand where all of the students’ creative influences came from.

You’ll have to buy a copy of our magazine in July if you want to find out more πŸ™‚

For now, here’s a few pictures that I took: Visit my Flickr.

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