(This is a follow-up to “It’s Definitely Nice That.”)

A £500 grant has been offered to a group of students at University College Falmouth to start the set up of a new university magazine.

Students won a competition following a master-class held at UCF in February 2010. The competition was organised by the innovative editors of the cultural arts blog, “It’s Nice That.”

The winners of the competition are Level 2 Graphic Design students, Laurie Robins and James Booth and Level 1 Journalism student, Sam Batt. Also part of the group are Level 1 Journalism students Joshua Sinclair-Thomson and Charlie Derry.

“For me, it’s an opportunity to be engaged in something I came to University to do,” said Josh. “And it’s experience; finding your feet. I’m excited!”

The name of the magazine is “dais.” Its purpose is to promote work created by students or previous students from UCF. A variety of arts will be included in the content such as Textiles, Fine Art, Photography, Illustration and Graphic Design.

The group want the publication to be precious; to be kept, recommended, passed on, and discussed and to influence others. They see their project as a ‘journal’ rather than a magazine.

“The function of a magazine is to entertain, the function of a journal is to record, document and educate,” said James. “A magazine and a journal take very different approaches to how they express their content to the reader.”

“We aim to produce something that is an interesting read that can also be used as something to reference and archive,” he added. “A journal is more aimed at a specific subject which allows us to be more innovative with how we approach our work.”

The main focus of the journal will be to discuss the message and reasoning behind a student’s work. “We want to connect with the readers on a human level,” said their manifesto.

“I am really happy to of gained this opportunity, I see it as a change to prove myself,” said Sam. “I hope to create a display space for Falmouth art and, hopefully, define the Falmouth arts scene and inspire collaborations.”

The group want their project to be produced to a high quality, an industry standard. It will be batch produced to print 100-200 copies.

“The £500 goes entirely towards printing. Printing is very expensive, £500 barely covers the cost for a print run of 100 unbound copies,” said Laurie. “We’re running a fundraiser to try to raise the rest of the money.”

“I’m obviously pleased to be a part of this,” he added. “But it doesn’t mean anything until it’s printed and finished. There’s still a lot of work to do on it.”

The dais editorial team are now looking for new talent from students at UCF to contribute towards the content of forthcoming issues.

“I wasn’t part of the original line up but it’s great to be part of it now,” said Josh. “I’m really interested in seeing what James and Laurie have to offer and watching the product evolve whilst I contribute my writing.”

The group will also be seeking the help of other UCF students to offer their expertise in the different aspects involved in the content as the project continues.

To submit any of your work/projects to dais for possible publication, email – da_is@hotmail.co.uk