Screened on TV on May 7th, 2009, Extreme Male Beauty is one of those typical Channel 4 programmes, exploring the ins and outs of the human body. This series focuses on the physical appearance of a man’s body, and the extremes in which men go to in the pursuit of physical perfection. From steroid abuse to cosmetic surgery, journalist Tim Shaw tries out the latest trends of diets, gizmos and cosmetics in an attempt to ‘get buff’.

The 35-year-old journalist, providing us with the typical sarcastic narrative of Channel 4 programmes, describes himself as a “skinny fat bloke” with a beer belly, hairy back, man boobs and “an obsession with the size of my knob”. He explores locker room tales, the stories of men who strive for the perfect body and puts himself on a trial of exercise, proteins and vitamins to see if he can achieve the desired body in only eight weeks.

The first step of Tim’s journey from fatty to fitty was to place himself in a line-up against a variety of four other men. Men in the line-up ranged from skinny and small, chubby, muscular and tanned, to ‘Mr Perfect’. The room was then filled with 48 women, who judged and criticised each man in their normal girly manner. Results showed that 63% of women prefered a tall man, 86% of women thought a man’s face was more important than their body, and 73% of women prefered a man with a smooth chest.

We are then introduced to Paul, a man who spends all morning pampering himself with cosmetics. But when we see his body, we have to ask “Why?!” Paul has excess skin all over the top half of his body after the liposuction in Melbourne and so a huge weight loss, leaving his physical appearance in quite a repulsive state. He even used one of the best types of lip fillers available, but to great controversy. The programme provides the usual ‘elite’ trio of a plastic surgeon, a professional dentist and a fashion stylist who make their plans to improve this poor guy’s physical appearance.

But is this really the way he should have gone about it? I mean, why not, you’re getting it for free. But for every other man out there who feels even the slightest bit self-conscious, should we really be encouraging them to go out and get a nose job? No. Tim Shaw attacks the problem in the right way, he puts effort into improving his body, and as a result, reveals the attractive man behind the man boobs and hairy chest, without the addition of any of the scars that plastic surgery has to offer.

And this was his result: (Not bad, eh?)