Tourist History is the new album from Two Door Cinema Club, following their 2004 EP, Four Words To Stand On. The trio from Northern Ireland, with the addition of a drum machine, bring an original sound that really gets you moving. Their songs are only an average of 3 minutes long; you can listen to the album in half an hour. But I like this about the album. You hear something new every couple of minutes; you don’t find yourself skipping to the next song.

TDCC give a lyrical optimism which really makes you feel good about yourself. “Let’s make this happen girl, we’re gunna show the world that something good can work, and it’ll work for you, you know that it will.” is from the latest release, ‘Something Good Can Work’. The band reflect their own words with the success of this new and exciting album. They are finally getting somewhere and you find the words believable to yourself.

‘Come Back Home’, ‘You’re Not Stubborn’ and ‘This Is The Life’ show off TDCC’s catchy guitar rhythms which make me want to see the band live. The songs give you a real sense of how energetic their performance would be and the liveliness of the crowd. Well, I could be proven wrong but they’ve set some high expectations.

‘I Can Talk’ highlights their influences from Bloc Party and Foals. It’s possibly a little too recognizable here. “Ah oh, ah ah oh.” – Typical Foals right there, yet it is still a brilliant song.

It’s probably notable that I’m just an 18-year-old girl, all the more reason for me to love the album. I’m not saying that TDCC are the band of the year; they’re more ‘a bit on the side’ until the next best thing comes along. Quite like One Night Only with ‘Just For Tonight’. It’s an album that will lighten your mood, but it’s likely that this is the best we’re going to get from them. (I can only hope otherwise!)

The album has an energy which makes it impossible for you to sit still in your seat. I feel like a 14-year-old girl again, watching I Was A Cubscout at a local pub, dancing with friends and feeling like such a big part of the atmosphere: