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Comment: Apparently it Does Matter if You’re Black or White

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Racism is something we’re all aware; we hear about it constantly in society, in football and in our everyday lives, but what about in film?

It’s likely that you would have heard stories about directors, writers and producers typecasting characters and it’s not uncommon to see particular actors play the same racial stereotype all of the time. What is a rarity, however, is an audience’s reaction when they don’t agree with the race of a character cast in a certain role.

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Face Equality In Film: Changing The Way We Perceive People With Facial Disfigurements

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It’s a cold and rainy night. A man with a badly burnt face sits alone in his parked car. Outside a woman is returning home; the man sits and watches her. As she reaches her house the man goes to approach her. He knocks on the door. What happens next?

This is what we are made to question in the latest video campaign from Changing Faces, the UK’s leading disfigurement charity. Charlie Derry talks to one of the charity’s members, Alison Rich, about how they aim to change our perceptions of people with facial disfigurements, with a focus on how they are portrayed in the media.

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Competition Entry: Prejudice In Film

(Written for a competition to write for MTV Sticky)

You may have heard that The Hunger Games has done extremely well since its release last month, making over $350M worldwide and clinging on to the top of the box office for four whole weeks, but did you hear about those who only had negative things to say about the film?

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