I write/have written for various publications:

HeyUGuys is another British film blog that I have more recently started
writing daily film news for, as well as the occasional DVD review. Read more here.

Lost In The Multiplex is a British film blog that I write a lot of film news and reviews for,
as well as a bi-weekly feature. Read more here.

BritScene was an American website dedicated to British entertainment
available in the US who I wrote for daily. They recently closed. Read more here.

I currently contribute to Virgin Media Shorts,
an annual short film competition. Read more here.

MTV Sticky is MTV’s new youth culture website. I am a part
of MTV’s contributor list and write a monthly article for their site. Read more here.

Recently I became art of the Yahoo! contributor network,
enabling me to write for Yahoo! Movies. Read more here.

Rushes is an online film magazine run by the BA(Hons)Film course at University College
Falmouth, who I contributed film reviews to whilst at university. Read more here.

I have a series of film homepages published on
Total Film. Read more here.

As a student I wrote news and features for The National Student, an independent, national publication for higher education students in the UK. Read more here.

I also wrote news and features for Flex, University College Falmouth’s student newspaper. Read more here.

I have also had work published whilst on various work placements as well as a couple of other freelance pieces for publications including Fan The Fire.

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