I have made and/or been involved with a series of publications, for both print and online distribution and for both personal and commercial usage.

In Retrospect:

A monthly online film publication that I co-created with a friend, which I now produce on my own as a means of displaying my film reviews visually. The magazine only has a small readership as this is just something that I do in my free time; it’s more of a personal hobby and interest that I enjoy to keep up. View the website here.

Dais Arts Journal:

In my first year of university I helped to create, write for and edit Dais, a university-funded arts journal that I produced with a small group of students from University College Falmouth. We formed the publication after winning a competition following a master-class, but the project only reached one issue which you can read below.

University Work:

I also have a collection of work that I have made into visuals. The purpose of these documents are to practise with InDesign and to showcase the visual representations that I have for my written work.

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