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The Imitation Game – Film Review

Directed by Morten Tyldum and based on the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges, The Imitation Game tells the true story of British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing, Benedict Cumberbatch, a key figure in cracking Nazi Germany’s Enigma code that helped the Allies win World War II, only to later be criminally prosecuted by the UK government in 1952 for his homosexuality which the country deemed illegal.

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Nightcrawler – Film Review

Written and directed by Dan Gilroy, Nightcrawler follows Luis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal), a driven young man desperate for work, who discovers the high-speed world of L.A. crime journalism. Finding a group of freelance camera crews who film crashes, fires, murder and other mayhem, Lou muscles into the cut-throat, dangerous realm of nightcrawling. Aided by Nina (Rene Russo), a local TV news director, Lou begins to blur the line between observer and participant in his ceaseless search for footage, as he becomes the star of his own story.

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Interstellar – Film Review

From director Christopher Nolan, Interstellar is set in a future when our time on Earth is coming to an end. To discover whether there is a future for mankind, a team of explorers – including Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and Brand (Anne Hathaway) – must travel among the stars through a newly discovered wormhole that they use to surpass the limitations on human space travel, on an interstellar endeavor in attempt to find a habitable planet where mankind can continue to exist.

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Letterboxd Reviews: October 2014

My Letterboxd account documents what films I am watching, usually films for the first time but occasionally a film I haven’t logged before. Here’s a summary of the films I have watched this month, including a rating and short review for each.

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11 Word Reviews: October 2014

As a regular contributor to 11 Word Review, this is a monthly post to archive all of the 11 word reviews of films that I have submitted throughout this month.

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The Maze Runner – Book vs. Film Review

“Are they changed because they want to go back to their old life, or is it because they’re so depressed at realizing their old life was no better than what we have now?”


Based on James Dashner‘s 2009 science-fiction novel, The Maze Runner is the first in a trilogy of novels, with the adaptation directed by Wes Ball, that begins in a post-apocalyptic setting known as the Glade. When Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) wakes up with no memory apart from his name, he soon realises that he has been trapped in a gigantic maze with a group of other boys. By piecing together fragments of his past with clues that come back to him in his sleep, Thomas begins to uncover his true purpose, as well as the possibility of a way to escape. But is there an exit to be found? And is the world outside even one worth returning to?

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Gone Girl – Book vs. Film Review

“The question I’ve asked more often during our marriage, if not out loud, if not to the person who could answer. I supposed these questions storm cloud over every marriage: What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Who are you? What have we done to each other? What will we do?”


Based on Gillian Flynn‘s 2012 New York Times Best Seller, with the adaptation directed by David Fincher, Gone Girl is premised around the seemingly happy married couple Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike). Introduced to the readers as your average husband and wife, Nick and Amy are a couple that you quickly warm to. But when Amy mysteriously disappears, the truth of their marriage slowly unravels. Realising that everything wasn’t as perfect as it seemed, the spotlight of Amy’s disappearance soon turns on to Nick, as he becomes the focus of an intense media circus. But is Nick a man capable of killing his wife? Was their marriage really that bad? Or is the truth far from the whole story?

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