I’m a 23-year-old First Class (BA)Hons Journalism graduate from University College Falmouth 2009-2012, originally from Newark, Nottinghamshire.

I originally created this blog as part of my university course, using the space to upload any work that I did over my three years of study, to discuss my work experiences, and to showcase any other Journalism-related work that I did in my free time, including both personal work and work written for certain publications. Now a graduate, I continue to use this platform as a means of carrying on with my writing, but also as an online portfolio.

A bit about my experience:

At university, I contributed news and features to UCF’s student newspaper, Flex, helped to create, write for and edit an arts journal titled Dais, and helped run a university website, Front Page Falmouth, as Social Media Manager.

I have had work experience at my local newspaper, Newark Advertiser, where I reported alongside a photographer and had a series of articles published in the paper over a period of two weeks, and also at a copy-writing agency, Stranger Collective, based in Cornwall, where I continued to do the occasional bit of paid work for, helping to upload content to Coca Cola’s Live Positively Collective.

However, my main interest lies with film journalism. I contribute/have contributed to a number of websites including Rushes – UCF’s film website, Lost In The Multiplex – a film blog for news and reviews, BritScene – an American website about UK entertainment available in the US, and HeyUGuys – one of the UK’ biggest film blogs, MTV Sticky - MTV’s youth culture online magazine, Virgin Media Shorts – a short film competition, and I have also had a selection of film homepages published on Total Film.

In my free time, I also write and edit my own online film publication titled In Retrospect, which I do for only a bit of fun to display my film reviews visually, more of which you can see on my page at ISSUU.

For more information:

Have a look at my CV for more information and contact details.

You can also find me on Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr and Last.fm

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