University – Year Two, Term Two (1)

As I did for the first term of my course this year, we have again been asked to blog about our reflection upon the course and to document our research for any articles that we write for the course. So here’s an introduction into what I will be doing this term, and preparation of work that I am currently starting.

News and Magazine Production:

This term we are focusing on a the production of a website – Falmouth Navigator – which, as a course, we are going to run and produce work for. We all have individual roles for the site; mine is to run the social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, which we have set up to promote the site and keep students informed about what is happening.

For the assignment itself, we have to produce a minimum of four articles. So far, I am mid way through writing my first feature. I wanted to write a feature that I could also use as one of my Flex contributions, which for the next issue is based on student accommodation. To briefly explain my feature, here is my introduction:

“As the new year begins, it’s time for students to start looking for accommodation away from the halls that have been central to uni life for the past months. Charlie Derry discusses the highs and lows of living off campus and the important features to look for when house hunting this term.”

I started off by emailing Richard Wilkins, Private Sector Liaison Officer at UCF’s Accommodation Office (, asking for any advice that he would give to students moving out of halls, and what he would consider important to look for when house hunting.

He told me about Tremough Services annual “house hunting” sessions which are being held to give first year students the basic “heads up” on looking for accommodation in the private sector. Unfortunately these dates will be of no use by the time I publish my article, so for anyone who is interested, here’s the dates which will be running throughout January:

  • 18th January (6.00pm – 7.30pm) @ Woodlane Lecture Theatre – For students living at Tuke House, The View and Montezuma House
  • 20th January (6.00pm – 7.30pm) @ Lecture Theatres A & B, Daphne Du Maurier, Tremough – For students living at Glasney Parc Blocks M,N & O
  • 25th January (6.00pm – 7.30pm) @ Lecture Theatres A & B, Daphne Du Maurier, Tremough – For students living at Glasney View Blocks A, B, C, D & E
  • 27th January (6.00pm – 7.30pm) @ Lecture Theatres A & B, Daphne Du Maurier, Tremough – For students living at Glasney View Blocks F, G, H & I

I also emailed a few of Falmouth’s estate agents asking for similar advice – Heather and Lay ( who did not reply, Kimberley’s ( who do not offer student accommodation but gave me the contact details for Townsend Accommodation (, Laskowski & Co. ( who did not reply and Miller & Son ( who I received a response from a graduate of UCF from who gave me advice from both her experience and her profession.

I then wanted to talk to a few second year students to ask for any advice that they could give from their experience of house hunting last year. I first spoke to my friend Scott Pearson, a Level 2 Graphic Design student who I knew had trouble with finding a house and had to find alternative accommodation at last-minute, but was fortunate enough to sort out a room at Maritime Studios before the problem of over capacity at Tremough Campus came into place. I also spoke to Chris Winter who studies Boat Design and Production at the Marine School. He moved out of a student house into The View, which was the opposite experience to Scott’s, giving another angle to my feature. As well as these students, I spoke to a few others to gain a few more opinions which has also given a good balance to my story.

One of the pictures that I am using for my feature is of an apartment in Maritime Studios and is by Emily Davis, who is a graduate and UCF. I found her picture on Flickr and commented on it asking her if I could use it which she agreed to. The other photograph that I used was of a Laskowski & Co’s For Sale sign that I took a picture of.

Read: “Let The Hunt Begin

I will discuss my research into my next couple of articles in further posts, and as the term goes on, I plan to write a few reviews – Hopefully the film Never Let Me Go which is released in February and possibly a book that I am currently reading. This will as well express a variety of writing styles for the assignment.

Case Study:

Probably the most boring part of the course this term; case studies are not fun. This part of the course is linking to the work placement that we will be doing during the third term of this year. I have applied for my work experience at Stranger Collective who I really hope to work with. However, I am still waiting for a reply from them so fingers crossed. If I am able to work with Stranger, I plan to do my cast study around how a small, independent business services or how far their audience reaches. But we’ll have to wait for my next post for any conformation on this which will be around the time I will also have my case study proposal ready.


Photojournalism is part of the course that I am really looking forward to as I enjoy photography. For the course we have to create two double-page layouts for another two articles that I will have to write. After creating a magazine for part of the course last term, I feel confident using InDesign and it is something else that I enjoy doing so this should be an interesting assignment. We also have to create a log book which, at the minute which is an archive of all of our research into photojournalists and into how we create our double page layouts. We do this as a sketch book type log, including a lot of pictures and annotations, discussing our journey of thought. So far I’ve spent four hours doodling a homepage, exciting.

One thought on “University – Year Two, Term Two (1)

  1. vincent volker says:

    montezuma house is the worse place i ever lived in my life, the landlords a right cunt. The noise is horrible, every night people going up and down the stairs till 4am, people in the corridor outside the windows until 4am every monday, thursday,friday and saturday. I never slept okay for a whole year. Never live there, it had a view yea but fuck all else. excuse the language.

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